Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is the cover of a wonderful cookbook. I dig into it at least once day to find a long time favorite or something new that I know I will like.

This cookbook is written with love by the women (and some additions from the men) in my family. There are seven amazing women in my family, all sensational cooks, and this cookbook is a treasure trove of goodness from each of our kitchens. Rarely do the recipes I post come from anywhere else.

As my Mother and sister were creating this book they also added some other stuff.

Just like no cookie is complete without the vanilla, our cookbook wouldn't be complete without the wonderful filler placed carefully into this family collectible.

I will be adding a new section to my blog called Vanilla. Each day there will be a little tidbit of love and wisdom gained from my family cookbook.

Today's Vanilla comes from the opening page of:
Past and Present Recipes~Family Favorites

From the Kitchens of:
Jenny P
Jenny J

Illustrations by Rhonda
(yup, my awesome sil created that cute cover with crayons!)

Thanks for the smile you gave me today
You'll never know how it paved my way
With joy, how it made everything right.
Thanks, now I'm not afraid of the night
But I held it close the long day through.
You kind words made me brave in a trial
Thanks for your kindness
Thanks for your smile.

I'm looking forward to sharing the comforting taste of vanilla with you from
the pages of my beloved family cookbook.


Mike J said...

I like that cookbook

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

fun. I love family cookbooks. One that I got from Dan's family has bits and pieces of geneology in the pages and tells how certain recipes came about or why the certain meal was that person's favorite. Look forward to some vanilla from you.

Dawn said...

WOW! I'm listening to a great cd of The Wizard of Oz! Aren't families great! Lots of vanilla!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Great idea!
I would love to make a family cookbook.
Vanilla!! So sweet!