Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mike, His Bike and The Blog Cafe

The Blog Cafe is especially extraordinary today for two reasons.

Number 1. It's being hosted by My Favorite Person. Mike.AND Number 2. It's all about Super Powers. ~Which one would you choose? Flying, Mind Reading, Super Speed, Time Travel, Elastic Body????

Warning: We will be going on a 100 mile bike ride first, but the sights are amazing; taken on some of the best roads I have ever ridden my bike on, from Lopez Island to Snohomish Washington and beyond.

It may hurt a little to get up at 5 in the morning and get on your bike but so worth it when you get off at noon for a Pastrami Dip Sandwich at Barney's. Maybe your super power could be to have a steel bottom and feel no pain while sitting on a 4 inch seat for 7 hours. I think mine might be super fitness. Then I could keep up with Mike (or maybe even pass him) on a hill!

I wish you could really come with us for both the ride and the sandwich.

So... head on over to Mike's blog, The Adventures of Mike and His Bike for a fun and delicious Monday Adventure and some really great food.

And when you're done there send us an email at and sign up to host The Blog Cafe yourself. We would so love to sit a spell with you in your favorite place for some good food and conversation. Whether it's in Missouri, Chicago or the hills of Appalachia we want to go there with you.

See you soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When I grow up, I want to be... Just like this.

A victim treats his mugger right....
Julio Diaz ends his daily subway commute one stop early, just so he can eat at his favorite diner. One evening, his routine was broken when a teenage mugger took his wallet at knifepoint. But neither of them could have predicted what happened next.

Click HERE to read the full NPR article. Or you can listen to it Here.