Saturday, November 7, 2009

6WS To Swine or not to Swine

The Flu has left the building! (finally!)

We never went in for confirmation if it was or wasn't H1N1... but we definitely had The Flu.

Two weeks, four victims.

I don't like the flu.

Our symptoms have run the gamut. The first culprit had a full range of body aches, severe head, back, and leg pain. But no cold symptoms. The doc thinks the rest might still come... I hope not.

The second was worse. Fever, body aches, sore throat, coughing, more fever... but no nausea. What a relief! That one got better for a few days and then worse again. The doc thinks we might be working toward pneumonia. Yikes.

Kid #3 was pretty happy the first week that they were such a good hand washer! But then Halloween arrived with a fever, body aches and... you guessed it throwing up. Ugh! It sure is nice others were willing to share trick or treating booty!

Since I can't stand to be left out of things the family is doing I just had to join in. Mine wasn't too bad. At least I was only down for a day and a half.

Hope you're having better health at your house!

Please stay away from the pigs! (six)

~just kidding, I know it's not caused by pigs! Where did they come up with the name Swine Flu anyway?

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JoLyn said...

Sorry you got it too:( There is no time for moms to be sick. Glad you're feeling better!

Bridgette said...

I am glad everyone is better! Happy 6WS!!!

Matty said...

Drats and double drats with this thing. It seems everyone around is getting it. I've been lucky so far.

Beth said...

Happy to hear everyone is feeling better.

That corgi :) said...

just stopping by from 6-word Saturday checking out the entries this week

so sorry everyone had the flu; glad to hear you are on the rebound and feeling better :)

cute blog you have; those dinner rolls look easy; might have to snag the recipe for Thanksgiving

love the homecoming pictures :)


Alix said...

Hi Jenny!

Greetings from Casa Hice in Jacksonville, Florida! Followed you over from Cate’s blog to read your Six Word Saturday and am smitten! Love your blog!

Subscribing to follow you immediately!

Please stop by Casa Hice for a visit when you have time. Would love to get better acquainted!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

So glad it's over! Ick, not fun at all.

(I'll be posting an update on our cooking day today, but if you want more info, go to - she's got everythng preorganized on her site, recipes/grocery list/instructions. It's pretty cool!)

everydayMOM said...

oh man... that's awful!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am so sorry you have been sick!! No one in my family here in AZ has been sick but my daughter in Provo got it. She didn't throw up but she wasn't hungry for six days. (How would that be?!:-) I sure hope everyone is on the mend.

fickleinpink said...

better late than never!

i hope everyone's feeling ok...

here's my here's my my 6WS, come and visit if you have the time!


Doctor_Eva said...

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Tamiflu is recommended for the treatment and/or prevention of infection with swine influenza viruses.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow, it sure went through your house. I'm so glad you are all feeling better!
Sometimes washing your hands just isn't enough.

jabblog said...

You can be sure you've washed your own hands - it's other people's hands you have to worry about! Hope you've come to the end of your relationship with swine flu.

Call Me Cate said...

Thanks for playing 6WS, sorry for the super late visit.

So far, we've been fortunate with the flu of various forms. Husband got a flu shot, I can't. Crossing our fingers and bathing in disinfectant until it all passes!