Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cleaning Cast Iron Frying Pans

Once upon a time there was a cast iron pan with caked on food.It had lovingly helped in creating a beautiful meal to feed the masses.
The chef walked away, forgetting her cast iron pan.
When she returned the pan was cold and to her dismay
the food had become a hard crust- impossible to remove.
The chef scrubbed and she scrubbed and after much soaking and toil
the food came out and the pan became...

Oh whoa was the chef and she cried bitter tears.
What would she do without the pan that she loved.
And then one day her dear brother said,
"Don't worry yourself. That pan's life isn't o'er.
You can season the pan like you once did before.
Starting over again with the pan you adore."

But what will I do when it happens again.
Must I rust and reseason each time that I use it?

"No, No," cried her brother as he chuckled and sighed,
"Follow these simple directions and you will always have a
perfectly seasoned pan with a complete lack of crust."

1. After food has been removed from pan, replace pan on heat.2. Pour in hot water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. (never cold, this could crack your cast iron)3. Use your spatula to 'scrape' off excess crust from bottom and sides of pan.4. NEVER use soap or detergent on cast iron. Future food will have the residual flavor of Dawn.
5. Using a hot pad, remove pan to the sink and pour out water and food remains.
6. Finish wiping out pan with dishcloth.
7. Dry completely.8. Spray with oil.9. Spread oil evenly with paper towel.10. 'Dry' with a new paper towel. Your pan will shine with joy.


Mike J said...

cast iron pans are the only way to go.

JoLyn said...

Great instructions! I think I'll print this post and put it in the back of my cookbook!

Daniel said...

don't you love those things!. Another way to clean off that hard food is to put the pan in your oven when you are cleaning it. (you know when it gets really really hot and locks you out) Then just wipe the food away. And then reseason it with oil. That's what I've heard anyway. I am glad you got your pan back.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I have two set of iron skillets. I love them. I haven't used them in awhile, I need to get them out a season them. Thanks for reminding me!

DC said...

I'll second that I have not used my cast Iron Skillet in awhile. You reminded me that the first piece of cookware that I bought with a then brand new girlfriend 20years ago was that skillet!

Thanks for the memory!

Eve said...

Wow - I had no idea you could fix the rust issue in cast iron (and so easily too) - thanks for the tip!

Dawn said...

I wonder why you wouldn't want that specific flavor in your cast iron pan!! Might be good!!