Monday, November 9, 2009

Mean Joe Green is 63

Mean Joe Green turned 63 on September 24th. I was listening to the radio that morning when they announced it and all sorts or childhood memories came flooding into my mind. Memories of three brothers. I was surrounded by boys. I have two sisters too, thank goodness! But they are 5 years older and 5 years younger. The boys and I were all born within 5 years of each other... I am right in the middle.
Best Coke commercial EVER!

Hearing Mean Joe's name took me back to the 70's so fast my head was spinning. Being that close to boys filled my life with... all kinds of fun. I could have been a complete tom boy playing sports and shooting BB guns. Or I could have been a girly pink ruffle girl, playing with Baby Tender Love and Barbie.

I chose the feminine route. I must have owned every Baby Tender Love ever made. And I loved every one. Neither of my daughters were baby doll girls but Barbies are still a fixture here in Whoville.I loved wearing dresses to school and there was at least a little pink every day. Or yellow. Mrs. Hansen called me Jenny Poo and she said I looked good in yellow. I was always embarrassed by that nickname because that's a naughty word but I liked her and I believed her.

Now, the boy stuff didn't scare me. I have had frogs on my head and snakes underfoot, I was even willing to hunt for nightcrawlers. I just really liked being a girl and I still do.

My brothers liked football; R. was always a fan of the L.A. Rams. They were the best and you better not even consider arguing that fact. Of course G. and D. did argue that fact... a lot. But R. was never moved. I don't remember either of G or D's teams... maybe the Cowboys, maybe the Steelers but never The Rams.

Mean Joe played for the Steelers and he was a force of 1970's football.

So, Mr. Green, thanks for the memories and especially the great Coke commercial.

Happy Late Birthday.


JoLyn said...

Really you can have it!

I remember twin dresses and a pretend poodle on a leash. I think you should show a picture of that one!

Mike J said...

Thanks Mean Joe!

Jaci said...

Oh boy...what a trip down memory lane. My Baby Tender Loves had a constant smell of Johnsons Baby Powder to her from her daily powder showers I gave her. Mom would let me pick out baby clothes at garage sales and once even bought me one of those old fashioned "car seats" with the two wire legs and the 70's gree floral plastic covered pad. Remember the ones? Aahh good times!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I never had a Baby Tender Love. Didn't want one. I was the tomboy. Climbing trees, catching frogs and playing in the creek.
But I'm sure we would have been friends anyway. As long as you didn't try to push the babydoll thing on me. tee hee

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a fun post!! It was fun to be reminded of things past and to read about your memories. I had to laugh that you were such a girly girl and now such an outdoor enthusiast--where dresses probably aren't your best attire.:-)

As for me, I loved baby dolls but I would line them up and teach them primary lessons. I never liked Barbies, but I have a daughter who told me she wants to have lots of daughters just so she will have someone to play Barbies with. :-)

Dr.John said...

Isn't it surprising what brings back memories.

Xazmin said...

I don't remember Mean Joe Green...but man do I still love playing Barbies with my girls!