Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Navajo Taco's

It's what's for dinner.

First you take the bread dough.

Yesterday I made dinner rolls with meatloaf!

But I was kind of in a hurry, so I only made up enough rolls for our family. No leftovers. Then I tossed the rest of the dough in the freezer.

Today, Beaner (the major taco lover of the family) requested Navajo Tacos. Being the "pleaser" mom that I am, I said, "Sure!" (Of course knowing there was premade dough in the freezer helped.)And now I will take you on a journey to the land of the Navajo. A land of prairie grass, tumble weeds and open camp fires. A land where Buffalo roam free and men hunt on horse back. Wait. Wrong channel.

Let's go instead to the kitchen of Whoville. Where white dishes seem to multiply and glass glasses are becoming extinct. A land of smoothies and grilled pb&j where children roam free and men are found on the seat of a bike.

Roll out the dough to about about 1/2" thick. Cut into squarish type shapes and place gently in preheated 350 degree oil. Watch closely and please wear an apron, I would really hate it if you ruined you favorite Rush Concert Tee with grease spots. Turn when golden brown and remove onto paper towel which has been lovingly placed in a white serving dish.Have your favorite kitchen help (child) brown hamburger while you fry the bread. Beaner likes to season taco meat with Taco Seasoning and chili sauce. Oh baby!Shred Cheddar and Jack cheese. Or just one. Tonight we used White Cheddar. That hasn't gone over very well here at Whoville. People are confused by the lack of color.

Cut up some crisp lettuce.

Make sure the sour cream isn't growing any green fuzzy stuff.

Heat up a can of refried beans and open a fresh jar of homemade salsa.

Place everything on the table in its own special serving dish (because you love to do dishes of course!)

I like to top my scone (frybread) with the fixin's and eat with a fork. The rest of my family like to open them and fill them up with the goods. It's a little easier to eat that way.Fashionista on the other hand is a 'scone' purist. Just a little honey and butter please.

Fry Bread vs. Scone? Living in the classy (I use that term loosely) Northwest I have found that when you say scone people think you are talking about the crumbly English cake muffin thing. I grew up calling fry bread scones. How about you? When you eat what we ate for dinner tonight what do you call it?


Mike J said...

You certainly will want to protect that Rush Concert Tee with an apron. Great advice and food.

JoLyn said...

Looks yummy!

everydayMOM said...

I have never heard of that before. I'm not sure what to call it.

A scone is definitely an English bread that you eat with tea.

Sounds yummy!

Jaci said...

Yes you got it right! Scones aren't crumbly biscuit type things in my book either. Reminds me so much of the MTC's navajo taco days. So yummy!!!!

Anna Lisa said...

That's so funny...on the way home from church Sunday, the kids and I were talking about Navajo tacos and fry bread. (We always called it Fry bread in CA). I've never made them myself, but Mike and I used to eat Navajo tacos all the time at BYU in the cafeteria.

Anna Lisa said...

p.s. I've decided I want to be adopted, so I can eat dinner at your house. Your dinners sound way more exciting than what I usually make.

...That and the freshly made bread...yum!

...I make good desserts though...

Joy For Your Journey said...

Looks so yummy!! I have never had them before, but I am sure I will now!

Xazmin said...

Oooh...I just got off the treadmill...then I read this? Now I'm freakin' hungry!

We call 'em scones. I LOVE Navajo tacos!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Those look really yummy. I also love how you mentioned to check to see if the sour cream was growing any of that green stuff. That seems to happen quite a bit over here too.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Oh, and fried bread is what I call a scone too.

Anna Lisa said...

heehee...I've always thought of scones as the biscuit/quick bread description (ie. UK and other countries). I assumed the "fry bread" definition of "scones" was a Idaho/Utah thing...Merriam-Webster.com and Wikipedia confirmed my suspicions...
either way, it's still YUMMY bread (traditional scones and fry-bread)!!

Eve said...

I'd call it fry bread - scones are for eating with tea or coffee... they must be crumbly (it's a rule)!

Wow - those look fantastic. I'm scared of frying anything in oil - I'm way too clumsy to pull it off safely, but if I could, I would definitely give these a try - Mmmm!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I've never eaten fry bread, scones or Navajo tacos. So I'll just call it food. tee hee
I will definitely have to try this, I'll bet it's delicious!