Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Squirrel and his Booty

I follow a great blog called Twisted Fencepost. Becky lives on a farm way south of here and has a wonderful way with words. She lives with squirrels, spiders, horses and cows. The other day she shared an adventure in nut gathering and her race with the squirrels to gather them. It reminded me of a little adventure we had several years ago.

We lived in a great little rambler on the other side of town with a cedar shake roof that originally looked something like this: but was beginning to look a little like this: The time had come for a new roof. After researching every person and everyplace he could think of Mike was ready to "Do it Yourself"!

We purchased supplies, prayed for sun and borrowed tools. We were ready to replace the old wooden shingles with a beautiful new composition roof.

Next to our house was something I really miss. A huge beautiful 100 foot pine tree. Granted, when the high winds of autumn came I always prayed for a deep root system which is a little uncommon around here, but I still miss it. Because of this tree and the nature of where we live, we discovered that our roof was the backyard and playground for life we were then unaware of. I hope you can sense the anger. This guy did not want us on his roof! Well, this isn't the original, I found him on the web, but very similar and not happy with us!

Then we discovered the booty. Nuts. Everywhere.

Squirrels used our roof to hide their nut booty.

Peanuts. Under roof tiles. All over the roof.

I wonder where else we might find their booty?!?

By replacing that roof we were robbing unsuspecting squirrels of forgotten nuts from years gone by.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Yep, he had discovered a gold mine and you were uncovering it and letting the world know. tee hee
Thanks for the mention.
That pecan still hasn't fallen.

JoLyn said...

We don't have squirrels here, but when they built the homes in our neighborhood, we took out an apple orchard. For several years, we had problems with different critters because we were living in their home!

Mike J said...

I love those squirrels even if they do leave their food around.

Melissa B. said...

We had to replace our roof after squirrels ate thru the plywood under the eaves. Mr. Fairway sure did hate those little critters...