Monday, November 16, 2009


Remember when the Berenstain Bears brother and sister were having a hard time getting along and Mama Bear gave them some requirements of things they had to do to be kind to each other that they thought was completely stupid? (although I'm sure they didn't use the word stupid...)

But they wanted Mama Bear off their backs so instead of just trying to follow her plan they
excessively followed her plan. Using words like my sweet sister and dear dear brother as they opened doors for each other and helped the other with their dinner job. They were going as overboard as they could in hopes of annoying Mama Bear to the point of getting back to their 'normal' world.

Of course the joke was on them. Pretty soon it became natural for them to serve one another and be kind.

Last week in Family Night Beaner taught a lesson about Charity. It was an amazing lesson in which she quoted Paul from the New Testament saying "Charity never faileth". I don't think sister and brother bear realized they were treating each other with Charity. Maybe they didn't even know that the true definition of charity is "the pure love of Christ". When we treat others with respect and kindness, we are practicing and learning how to love as Christ does and be a little more like Him.

As part of her lesson she shared the story of a Pastor that we heard recently. Each night at dinner he would ask his children what they did for someone else that day. Knowing they would be asked that question, they went out of their way to serve or show charity in some way so that they could report to their dad that evening.

We were challenged to try that this past week. Just like the Berenstain's it started out a little excessive (like I care, as long as it is happening.. I felt a little like Mama Bear grinning to myself as they put on the butter =] )

I saw more hugging, more kind words, more helping than ever and ........

I loved it.

That was the best Family Night Lesson we've had in a long time with the best results I've seen in a long time and I hope it continues for a long time!

P.S. I'm pretty sure the results were much better than if the lesson had been presented by a parent.


Jenny86753oh9 said...

Wow...what a great idea. At this point we ask the boys, What was good about your day, what was bad about your day, and what would you do different? I'm adding, What did you do for someone else today.

Thanks, Jenny!

Mike J said...

A lot more effective when taught by the kids!!!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sounds like a wonderful lesson. And I agree--I think it is always more meaningful when the kids give it themselves as they have some ownership in it right off. And in case you might be interested, my most favorite talk ever on Charity was given by C. Max Caldwell in General conference. You can find it at He does a great job explaining the Love of God in a way I hadn't thought of before, but I have used a lot since.

Twisted Fencepost said...

This post reminds me of that commercial where one person see's another do a good deed, then continues on with a good deed of their own. Kinda passing it along.
We should all be as kind.