Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me and Albert

Do you ever wonder about your parenting techniques? I think every now and then I do okay. But far too often I am unsure and second guessing what is best. I guess I'm in good company... today while helping in Fashionista's 5th grade class I learned that Albert Einstein was rarely confident in his decisions, constantly questioning his discoveries and wondering about what he was doing. Me and Albert. We're a team.

Today I am wondering about honesty.

Bondifaj is probably a name you have never heard before, unless you know my second son. I believe the story goes something like this, "We have a great uncle living in the middle east ... his name is Bondifaj and we love him so much that we named our second son after him."

My teenagers love to tell these stories. The Beans story is that her full name is six names long. In reality she is named after my Mom and my Dad's Grandmother. Ever since she was tiny Mike liked to call her by a very long nick name. He took Beaners first name and my mom's full name which is 4 names long [first, middle, maiden, last] added our last name and Jr. the Third. Of course she dropped the 'Jr. the Third' because you can tell that's not real. I think she has convinced most of her friends that this is truly her name. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful name after some very amazing women, it's just not 'the truth'.

Bondifaj is the name Coolio created for a middle eastern looking character on our Wii. He created this character one day and wanted to give him a name that fit. So, 'randomly' typing in different letter combinations he came up with Bondifaj and it stuck. And now he too has convinced many that he has two middle names, the second of which is, of course, Bondifaj. Pronounced (bon dee fajzh).

Another story... As I was helping Fashionista with her hair one morning she said, "Hey Mom, did you know we have cousins in Stanwood?" I almost said, "No way, really?" when I remembered who her sister is. So instead I said, "Did The Bean tell you that?" "Yes." "She's pulling your leg." Beaner also has a sister from whom she was separated at birth living nearby who in actuality looks a lot like her, and she and Coolio don't have the same birth mother.

Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I roll my eyes. Sometimes I tell her noone will ever believe her once they realize how often she is 'teasing' (I might say lying) and sometimes I get angry. I think it might depend on what day of the month it is.

Do you have story tellers in your family? Do you ever question your parenting? Do you ever get impatient over things that might not really matter in the long run (or wonder if they really will matter in the long run?)

Maybe I should write a letter to Ask Laskas.

Whatever it is, the world may never know... but from now on the name of my second son on this blog is no longer Coolio. By request from the man himself, my second son will forever more be known as Bondifaj.


Mike J said...

I never realized that we had middle eastern descendants.

everydayMOM said...

Most people in our family are honored to have a fake name. I used to call my daughter by a string of about six names and the kids have been begging me to remember them all and call her that again.

When I was growing up, my family gave everyone a nick name. If you didn't have a fake name you weren't TRULY loved. It was a sign that we had accepted you if we had bestowed upon you a fake name.

So, there you go. Another weird thing we have in common. In fact, I was going to write a post today about my fake name, but it's going to have to wait a few more days. =]

JoLyn said...

Isn't it funny that our kids think they can say ANYTHING as long as they say they are teasing or JK?!! By the way, I know several names for you that not many people would know....

Jenny-Jenny said...

hahahaha. JoLyn, I'm rolling on the floor laughing and a little fearful of what those names might be.

I do love nick names Emily and I have the same inner feeling that if you haven't received a crazy nickname you just aren't loved. what is wrong with that picture?

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so funny. But you are indeed a wonderful parent. Just take a look at your kids!

Joy For Your Journey said...

You have to meet my daughter Kristen!! She has nine names. They were given her by her sister Kathryn. (Well, three are real) And she signs her name with all of them. She is also the biggest story teller I have ever heard and often has everyone convinced she is telling the truth. (She is almost 22 so don't think they grow out of it.) But she is also the most creative person I know, has started writing and illustrating children's books for her school class and can keep any child on the edge of their seat for hours listening to her tales.

So . . enjoy the creativity. Your children may put it to good use later in life. :-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

If I had a dollar for everytime I questioned one of my decisions, I'd be rich!
You are not alone!

tipper said...

Yes I question my parenting : ) Yes I get impatient over silly stuff : ) And in my family-my husband is the story teller-we can never tell if he is pulling our leg or not!