Monday, March 30, 2009

This post is brought to you by the letter K

Guess what? I found another great Jenny. While surfing around the World Wide Web I stumbled onto a blog titled 867-53oh9. That's my song! Click here or here or even here to visit her site. She seems like a person I want to know. Besides the fact that she has a great name.

Anyway...the first time I found her blog the post was titled "This post is brought to you by the letter C". Can't you just hear Big Bird saying it? Boy I can. I love Big Bird and I love Cookie Monster and he will forever be Cookie Monster to me. (Even before they changed his name he loved vegis!)

So Jenny tagged me (ok, so I asked for it…whatever!) for a letter.

I have the letter K.

Be patient please because I may have taken a few liberties with the sound of the letter K. And possibly it's placement in the word...

~All kids, but mine especially. They really rock, and I really like them.

Kleetus takes me on incredible adventures

MiKe (come on its a K!)
Fashionista says he's Kewl!!
(use your Hooked on Phonics skills, NOW do you get it?)
Kites on the beach
(Yes that's Fashionista flying a Barbie Kite)
Kool-Aid Mom
Well, I might not be but it was my dream to grow up and be a Mom
Check it out...My dream came true.
Such a great addition to your favorite smoothy!Kaleidoscope T-Shirts
(It works. You see, Tye-Dye isn't a K word but it looks
like a Kaleidoscope!)
~If you've never made a Kaleidoscope or Tye-Dye t-shirt you should.
Someday I may have a how to on this blog!
Well, it's not really on my list but Coolio loves ketchup
and puts it on everything.
His friend gave him this shirt.Kool Aid
Oh Yeah!Killer Bunnies
New Kid brought this game to our house~ it's pretty fun.
That's it, ten K things that complete me. What letter do you want? Let me know and you'll be on your way to fame and fortune!


Dawn said...

Love the photos! you sure do have cute KIDS! All I ever wanted to be was a Mom, and Grandma, of course, with a good grandpa beside me!!

Mike J said...

Kindof Kool Kaptions U Konjured

Jenny said...

Not bad got skills!

Dawn...I had a great kool-aid mom trainer!!

Rogers said...

What a fun post!! Count me in!! Give me any letter you want :o)

BTW, I'm going to girls camp again this year (you probably didn't know I went last year (as an assistant ward camp director), but that's beside the point. I get to go as an assistant cook this year. Hopefully it all goes well. I'm not sure what to expect. I'm not very good at the out-door-sy (that's a new way to spell it, I'm sure!!) cooking thing, so it will be an adventure for sure. Which is why I started telling you about this in the first place. The word "adventure" to me means "Jenny".

Anywho.....loved the post, love reading your blog, it's sure nice to see pictures of your family and remember when........

everydayMOM said...

Kute Kids!

I had to look at a Klose-up of Kleetus. I have a bike very similar to that one! Mine is kind of old though, so I'm sure yours is a newer model.

No special birthday plans today, aside from my usual, "It IS my birthday, you know!" when I want something. =] How about you? My actual birthday is the 21st. Just three more weeks!

JoLyn said...

What! They changed Cookie Monster's name? That shows you how long I've been out of the Sesame Street stage...