Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's here, Its now, Its Gelato

Go ahead, read the sign. I'll wait.
Now, if that description isn't enough to getcha then just keep on reading.

I've heard Gelato described as the goo they scrape off the insides of wine barrels. Sooo not true. This stuff is like homemade ice cream only better.

Thanks dug. dug is the guy who convinced me that I should try Gelato. Who is dug?

I don't know.

He lives in Utah, skis, bicycles, loves toilets and candy... and has a very patient wife. I like to read dug's blog. It's simple, down to earth and goofy. Sometimes Cycle Guy tells me, "Don't read dug today." He is my parental block. Then I know that the toilet talk has gone a little too far for my naivete. Click here to link to dug's blog. Don't worry, I linked you to a good one about candy. Chocolate covered cinnamon bears. hmmmm.

dug loves his Harmon's supermarket. Click here to hear him rave.

Well, to fulfill my own curiosity and at the request of my husband, I asked Jill to take me to this (dug's) Harmon's. The main reason for our visit was to see what all the excitement was about Gelato.

This is what I was expecting.
Okay, that's not very focused. But you know, when you go to a convenience store or buffet and they have a soft ice cream machine where you get your own cup or cone and fill it up? Nope.

This is what I saw.
What is that? Like 18 flavors. So many choices. Of course the girl behind the counter said we could taste them. I'm really trying to be a grown up these days. So I tell myself, "you can try one." I wanted to try them all. I wish I would have, who needs to be adult anyway? I tried Blood Orange. Very sherbety. Very orangey. Not bad at all. That's what I ordered. So grown up. So mature.
Check it out, she even stuck a yummy little tubular wafer in the top. Fancy! When I looked at that cup I thought, "wait, we need these to go". We were on the road to the airport. So I asked, "Are those cups disposable?" "Yes," the Gelato Girl replied, smiling, "and dishwasher safe!" That's all I needed to hear. Those cute little cups flew home with me.

Jill tried and ordered Mixed Berry. She gave me a taste. Even BETTER. Wish I had tried that one first! It was rich and creamy. Waaaay better than mine. It's okay though. Mine was good too and I'm a grown up so I didn't throw a fit and ask her to trade. I wonder though because she gave me her last few bites.

I wish this was my neighborhood Supermarket. We don't even have Harmon's where I live. No I am not whining. I'm too grown up for that.

Tonight Cycle Guy and I are going into the city. I may spend my entire day searching the web for places in Seattle who serve Gelato. He must try it and I need to try it again and again and again.

Do me a favor, if you are ever traveling through Utah. Make a stop at the Draper Harmon's. Maybe they should change the name to dug's Harmon's. (It's right at the junction of I-15 and Bangerter Highway.) Try the gelato. Oh... but maybe there are other gelato counters around... find them. taste it. savor it. And then come back here and tell me all about it.

What's your favorite flavor?


tipper said...

I've never even heard of Gelato-but I'm going to be on the look out for it now!

Dawn said...

Sounds yummy!!!

Anna Lisa said...

My brother used to manage a gelato shop in California...unfortunately I was at BYU during that time, so I never got any free samples...but the rest of my family enjoyed it!

jeff said...

There'a bicycle-themed pizza place here called Spin Pizza that has great salads and pizza and....gelato! Mmmmmm.

Jenny said...

Oh Jeff... how excellent is that? Bikes, pizza and gelato... Perfection!!

Jenna said...

When you come out this summer we're gonna have to go the Maestros - it's my favorite gelato place - in the summer they have watermelon (my favorite) and pink grapefruit (the other half's fav)

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Isn't that the stuff that Opera goes gah-gah over? My mum and I tried some this past summer and I was swooning...truly.

Glad you found me again, cause I lost you too!!

JoLyn said...

Lucky me...I live close enough to give it a try!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I was just up there, but didn't know about the Gelato! (My sister lives in Draper)Next time I am there I will definitely get some. I LOVE it but think it needs to come with a warning that it is highly addictive. And my favorite flavors . . mango and coconut (not together!)

Jenny said...

JFYJ~ Mango and coconut? Yummo, I think a little of each in one bite would be excellent!

In the words of Kim: said...

yummmmm...I love pistachio with a small scoop of chocolate with it - it is to die for! I had to get some at every port in Italy - truly a treat and oh so worth EVERY calorie! lol