Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fruit Smoothies...Yum

Spinach Smoothie
Now, don't turn your nose up til you give it a try.

Baby Spinach (I have no idea but go ahead and try adult if you like)
Banana (I like the small ones just barely yellow, oh the sweetness)
Frozen Blackberries (So sorry if you aren't blessed with acres of wild blackberries across the street from your home. Come on over and pick with us.)
Kiwi (Something new I tried today. The tartness was a nice addition.)
Ice (The moosh of the fruit is less obvious to the pallet when ice is crushed in)
Water (Cycle-Guy likes it with milk, I like it with water. He would probably want whip cream on top too.)

Put enough water in the blender to cover the blades.Can't see the water? I guess you'll just have to trust me.

Add 1-1 1/2 cup fresh baby spinach (Now don't be bothered with the fact that they're babies, you haven't robbed them of life. This is the purpose for which they were grown):Nice Flowers! Cycle Guy likes me!

Blend thoroughly
Add Banana (don't worry about slicing it up the blender can do that for you)The sweetness comes from the banana, without it...well you can try if you want.
Add Kiwi (skin and all)Blend
Add Frozen Blackberries (please don't thaw, the freeze is part of the joy)Okay...that does look a little, well gross...give it time
Blendstarting to come around to looking good...
Add water if needed (sometimes my blender needs it a little thinner to be able to blend well)
Add iceBlend until ice is crushed to desired crushness.

Pour in chilled glass(or not, it just sounds more romantic to say that) and Enjoy!!Now, that's what I'm talking about. Purple I can deal with!

I promise, no flavor from the spinach but oh the nutritional value!

We often change it up. My big girl doesn't like banana but without it you have to add sugar or some other sweetener (hmmm... honey maybe?) My little girl likes to add cilantro~ great health benefits, but a little too strong on the savory side for my fruity taste.

Frozen strawberries are yummy, but with spinach the color MUST be, the comparisons will not be discussed here.

Peaches either frozen or canned (of course canned at home. You don't? Well, come back in Sept. I'll teach you) are superb with strawberries or blackberries. I don't like the texture of fresh apples blended in but grapes are good.

I even added some pecans the other day. Nice nutty addition of some protein.

My friend sometimes adds beets. Haven't tried that, it scares me a little.

You can take this healthy little blend to any heights. Try it, I think you just might like it. Let me know what you think.


Mike J said...

I've tried these and they are good. Even with the babies included.

Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

ok purple does seem better. I think I would have a hard time drinking something green.

nikki_ty said...

mmm. that does look good. I was surprised that you put the kiwi in with the skin on! I'll have to try that next time I make smoothies. I usually put a spoonful or two of frozen OJ concentrate in if I'm running low on fruit. And I will have to try the spinach!

JoLyn said...

Yummy! Great way to get some greens!

Hibler House said...

This really sounds so good! I'm thinking of making myself one right about now... except I'm not sure about that whole "kiwi with the skin on" thing. Those suckers are hairy! I've heard that you can really add spinach to just about anything. I've done it before and Dale never even noticed, and he hates veggies.

Tanja said...

Wow, this could be the way to get Cyril to eat spinach!!! Thanks!

everydayMOM said...

I recently tried drinking spinach/orange juice when we were on vacation and it wasn't bad. I was soooo thinking your smoothie was really starting to sound good until you put in the kiwi skin?!?!? Are you kidding??? I can handle the spinach much easier than the kiwi skin.

BTW, I can't even think of the name Jenny now without singing, "jenny, jenny, who can i turn to..."

Ryan said...

Spinach smoothies are the best!! One of my favorite beverages.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those recipes that I just have to wonder how it gets thought up. Who sits around and actually things, "Gee, I'll go make a smoothie with spinach and a bunch of blackberries." And then there is that sickening green to get past. But the end color was pretty :)

LVP said...

I am impressed with the way the recipe is presented, pictures and all. I'm sure I'd not try it if you had just written it as the usual recipe is written. So...I printed it out - it took nine 8 1/2 x 11 pages. But, in spite of that, or because of that, I will try it and report.

Jenny said...

Nine pages. Wow. I hope you had color ink!

The Traveling Gublers said...

I will have to try this. It's nutritional content is a motivator.

Anna Lisa said...

Heehee...I tried this with my kids the other day and even got Christian to drink some (he LOATHES smoothies/milkshakes). I threw in whatever frozen fruit we had plus some plain yogurt (I like thick, milk-shake-like smoothies). Ooh and I didn't have anymore frozen blackberries, so I used blackberry freezer jam.

Pretty good Stuff! Thanks for sharing.