Monday, March 2, 2009

Teenagers-can't kill 'em, might as well love 'em

What is it about teenagers that makes them so........what is it about teenagers?

When we had 3 little kids one of the things people warned us was that in 10 years we would have 3 teenagers. You know, people whose bodies send them strange messages, grow faster than their coordination can keep up with, and create strange smells and sounds that they don't recognize as their own.

That time has come. And, yes they are a different breed of people but I like them!

Why I like my teenagers:
~ They are smarter than me and dinner conversations are very "educational"
~ They can help each other with their math homework which passed my level of understanding in about 4th grade.
~ They like to laugh and they make me laugh
~ They are fun to talk to
~ They have great friends who help them make good choices
~ They know how to push my buttons and for the most part stay away from those buttons. (by the way, Cycle Guy doesn't agree that they stay away from those buttons.)
~ They set me up on Facebook so I could be their friend
~ They know that sometimes I have to be the Mom not the friend
~ They forgive me daily
~ They know my "looks" and usually respond quickly and correctly, (ie. you're in trouble, don't laugh now-wait til later, I'll explain when we get home, is that person serious?, way to go!)
~They prove to me every day I really don't know that much about teenagers

I have 3 teenagers in my house right now and in a few days another one is moving in.

That's right, we are gaining another 18 year old boy. That makes two boys 18, one girl 15(for 3 more weeks), one boy 13(for 4 more weeks) and one girl 9.

New Kids family is moving and with 3 months left of his senior year the thought of leaving was not what he had in mind. So because we love teenagers so much at our house we decided that gaining one more couldn't be half bad.

A friend suggested that we make a contract for him to sign. Not sure if we'll make him sign anything but the thought of putting family rules on paper sounded downright smart and I think all of them should sign it!!

So....tonight in Family Night we are writing out the Family Rules, all of us, I think the kids will probably be better editors than me or Cycle Guy. Things like curfews, dinner cleanup, Saturday jobs, checking in, daily jobs, refrigerator raids, etc. (please share suggestions, I will love it and, well, okay, I'll probably be the only one to love it)


Hibler House said...

Dale's dad and stepmom adopted her two nephews a few years ago. They came from a troubled home, and were CONSTANTLY in trouble. They drew up a contract for chores, what's expected from school, phone rules, etc. It was a suggestion from the social worker- and it also included what the punishments were for breaking such rules. I think it's a great idea for Chris to know what's expected of him in your home, because each home is different, and you still want to be in control of the rest of 'em! Dale and I actually thought it was a great idea and we might use it when our kids are getting to that "fun teenager" stage.

Jenny said...

Good ideas Kim, I'm just glad that Chris isn't an in trouble kind of kid.

Mike J said...

The teenager thing is quite the adventure. It's like the scariest roller coaster you've ever been on but you keep getting back in line for because it's so much fun.

JoLyn said...

Love your blog background Jenny!

You are an angel to take in somebody else's teenager, no matter how good they are. I'll be praying for you:)

Teenagers are pretty awesome, aren't they?!

Rhonda said...

This is too funny. My kids did not set me up on FB and are mortified when I leave comments. We have two teens in the house for now, as our third daughter (one of two teens in house)leaves for BYU-I next month. Life around here is always exciting.