Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living the "Virtual Life"

My big sister and I just realized we have a virtual life...(I call her my big sister even though she's tiny, petite and cute. Because she's older which means that once many years ago she was bigger. I say it counts and since this is my virtual counts. Also, she's about to be a grandma.)

Since we (my big sister and me) entered the blogosphere it seems we don't "live" our lives anymore... we live to create a good blog entry. When we talk on the phone we say things like, "Hey, you could blog about that." and "That would be a good blog title."

I'm now living a virtual life. But I've decided that it's not a new thing... don't many of us live some sort of virtual life or other?

For instance, my Mom and a couple of sisters in law scrapbook. Ooohhhh has that word evolved to become an insanely beautiful craft. It's a science. It's a valuable art. It's just plain sad to shut this beauty up in a book. Maybe you "scrapbookers" out there should open up your books and display them in the Smithsonian! They sure beat anything Picaso ever did.

Anyway, scrapbooking seems to be its own virtual life. Come on now... you know you plan your childrens outfits, which way you hold the camera and where you go by the pages you have already designed in your head (or as Jenny says already made in the book just waiting for the photos.)

Jenny is my amazing Sister in law. Yes, her name is Jenny. My brother loves me sooo much that he needed to keep my name close forevermore. She is amazing in so many ways including living with my pesky brother. He's great... just a little pesky.

Kim, another scrapbooker and remarkable sister in law has 9 kids, a menagerie of pets, first grade twins, a grandchild and lives with my brother. I never cease to admire these women.

Another brother and his wife are runners. And yes another incredible sister in law. She runs, she bikes, she bakes, she's an awesome mom, she's gorgeous. Her name is Rhonda.

By the way, Jenny runs too. Everyday. How?

Do you runners find yourselves living to get to the next run? (although I can't imagine how, running hurts) Are you planning your next run while you sit in meetings at work? Looking out the window gauging the layers you will or won't have to wear to be comfortable as you sprint through town. Getting up early enough to run before the man leaves for work? Do you spend your day thinking about the next run?

I like to ride my bike and I'm training for a big ride this summer but my man is a cyclist. Here's an example of his thought process through a day at work. "Weather's supposed to be good this afternoon, if I get home early and make dinner then maybe I can get 20 miles in before dark. That means I'll have to drink at least 96 ounces of water today. Okay, I have a meeting at 9. Better wait until after that to start drinking or I won't be able to sit through the whole thing without a "nature" break. Ooh I should have had spaghetti for breakfast, need to carb up for the century I'm doing on Saturday. (looking at route maps on laptop) I heard there was a good route through that part of the state, I wonder how steep those climbs are, that could give me some good descents, I wonder just how fast I can get this new bike to go."

I think about blogging. Well, and cycling, and baking, and reading, and photography, and kids, not laundry...that is just constantly forcing its way into my head without permission. Sometimes it forces its way through my nose. You know that damp rag under a pile of towels waiting impatiently for its turn in the washer. I am grateful daily for the inventor of the electric washer, and indoor plumbing, and Tylenol.

Do you have a virtual life? You know that thing that keeps you going through the mundane and less exciting parts of your day? I want to hear about it, because along with writing a blog comes the constant need to check for comments. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only blogger who gauges their self worth on comment count.


Mike J said...

I've been thinking about and planning a ride after work in my head all day. If the rain stays away I'm going. Is that what you're talking about?

Jenny said...

You got it. And you live in NW WA maybe you should just go now while the sun is out. You never know how long it will last.

JoLyn said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny....I need to take away your camera. (But thanks for calling me your big sister instead of old!)

My virtual life is so cram-packed today that I just don't have time for dishes,laundry, or anything with dust on it.

Maybe I could blog about it!

Jenny said...

Blog about it!!! Then it is part of your hobby which is a very important part of your life. Hobbies help define you and make life worth living.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I had to laugh at your comment about runners and bikers. I have members of my family who do both. My sister bikes while the rest of her family runs--all the time. Every weekend they are at another race. It is what they live for. And I like the comment about how hobbies define us and make life worth living. My husband got me into blogging--(he thought it would be something I would enjoy)and now he is regretting it! :-)

everydayMOM said...

I had a very similar thought recently.

I used to scrapbook, and as you said, it's not just a hobby for the moment. You actually start planning EVENTS so you can photograph them and then eventually scrapbook them. The best part of scrapbooking is sharing your scrapbook with someone else.

Then, I moved on to stamping. I made card after card. And being the good little entrepreneur that I am, I started selling the cards. I loved sending cards to people for every possible occasion because that was a way to share my artwork with them.

Now, I blog. It's my hobby. I see it much the same way as scrapbooking, but the rewards are more immediate. And it involves a different type of creativity, plus less mess. Of course, the best part of blogging is sharing your thoughts, photos, ideas with other people. And that's why we love comments so much!

Once I realized that I wasn't just wasting time by blogging -- that it's a legitimate hobby -- I didn't feel as guilty about spending my time on it. =]

Jenny said...

I really loved your comments today. Thanks for sharing your hobbies and feelings.

tipper said...

Neat post! And you've made me feel less guilty about the "I could turn that into a blog post" thing!