Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Training for Success

It's been awhile since I shared any Kleetus adventures with you. Don't worry, I still love my bike and I still ride and I am still training for the STP.

The STP aka Seattle to Portland. 204 miles of sweat and possibly tears, pain and possibly more pain, smiles and possibly scowling, moaning and possibly a few woo hoo's.

This is without a doubt the biggest thing I have ever trained for physically.

I'm nervous. But as I have so often quoted to others, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." Doctrine & Covenants 38:30

This is something I believe. Therefore, I am trying to practice whenever I can. Okay, maybe not whenever I can, training isn't always easy but once you force yourself to get on the bike it is almost always fun.

Last night for instance we went on a group ride in Stanwood. They meet at a local bike shop or in the language of the cyclist: LBS and then there are a few different groups that separate and go from there.

I was a little uncomfortable at first. You know, when you're the new guy... but guess what? Everybody was really friendly! They introduced themselves and practiced remembering our names and liked asking Barry about his plans to serve a church mission this fall.

Then lo and behold who should pull up with their bikes but our neighbors from down the street. Cycle Guy noticed a long time ago that these people Fred and Wilma were cyclists because whenever the garage is open you can see a number of bikes in there tempting him, calling him, willing him to come closer.

We stuck with them and the group they were with. At one point CG and Thing 1 took off ahead to see if they could catch up with the breakaway group. It was the coolest thing to see the two of them take off like that. One right behind the other challenging the wind to even try to slow them down. I'm such a mom... all I could do was grin with pride.

As soon as my guys caught up with them the other group decided they were going to ride some optional training hills and told CG and T1 the route ahead. So they were left way out in front with no one else around. They ended up riding in circles until the rest of the group caught up with them.

One of the things I've been practicing is climbing hills. Hills are not my friends. (Okay so that's only partly true... I love to go down them. Well.... that's only partially true too. I love to go down them at a controlled speed.)

Anyway. Hills. There was only one real hill climb on the ride last night. I'd like to share with you the play by play heard from the booth.

Thing 1 and Jenny together at the bottom of the Pyrenees. Thing 1 is off the seat right away punching the pedals. Jenny usually waits a bit before standing. You know, Al, it wasn't until recently that we ever even saw Jenny get up out of the saddle. This shows a great amount of self control, balance and strength. She's getting it into gear, give her a few meters...

POW! There she goes, she's out of the seat! Just look at that cadence, Bob! I don't know how she's going to keep this up. Boy is she working to get Kleetus up the mountain. And Kleetus is right there with her, with every pedal stroke he plows forward daring her to push harder. Legs burning, heart pounding, can she do it? Can she stick it out to the top. Wait, she's down... back in the saddle, but it's okay, they're still moving. -Jenny and Kleetus, what an unbeatable team!

Oh, I didn't tell you that Bob Roll and Al Trautwig were there commentating?

It was only an hour later that my breathing slowed back to normal and Kleetus beamed with pride for the rest of the night. He had never been among the first at the top of a hill before. I was happy to give him his moment.

After returning to the LBS (remember? That's the local bike shop.) We learned that everybody likes to gather at a local pizza place afterward. (shouldn't that be the LPP?) Last night was officially the 1st night of summer so after a quick call to the other kids at home and a promise to bring them some leftovers we were off to replace every calorie we burned off and about 6 times more.

It was great! The pizza was the best I've ever had. Jimmy's Pizza in Stanwood Washington. You MUST try it! We sat with our neighbors and got to know them a little bit. I really hope that Fred and Cycle Guy will be able to go out on some rides together. I love to ride with him, but I totally slow him down and it would be so cool if he had a cycle buddy that could push him a little.

Have you noticed that when I ride I think I deserve something yummy? AND I eat it.

Miles ridden: 15
Calories burned: about 800
Pizza Consumed: 3 pieces
Calories replaced: 1300 (Yup, that's an overage)
Hills conquered: 1


Linda said...

Sounds like a great ride, Jenny!
But only Al and Bob? You surely deserved Phil and Paul too! (But never Craig.)

everydayMOM said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! It made me long for the days my husband and I used to do long rides and spend our weekends on mountain bike trails. Ahhhh... our day will come again. =]

I'm sure your "hills" out in Washington are nothing like the actual hills here in the midwest. We were at Olympic National Park during a big tandem bike riding weekend and it was amazing to see people climb those hills that we call mountains!

Good luck on the big ride! Sounds amazing!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Good for you!! Those hills are a pain - and I'm talking from my car's point of view. ;)

Just think about the "overage" it would have been if you hadn't burned any calories. All you did was cut that large number down to a mere 500 calorie dinner, which is low for dinner. See? You totally needed the fuel, too.

Me and My Family said...

fun fun. I am so proud of you for training so hard. I know you'll be great at your STP. Wish I could be there cheering you along.

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Sounds like you had a awesome night! Cracked up laughing on your love/hate relationship with hills. I'm floored...15 miles! My knees wouldn't let me do 1/4 of 1 mile! But I'm completely cheering you on for the STP!

Xazmin said...

Wow..I am always so impressed (okay, impressed, but also thinking...CRAZY!) when I see people on their bikes, on HILLS...I don't know how you do it.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Congratulations!! You are awesome! And so inspiring. I am going to get off my behind and ride my bike as soon as I get back to Phoenix! (Although I will have to get up very early in the morning before the heat hits:-)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

To answer your comment, apparently cement (aka sidewalk) doesn't "give" at all. Pavement is better because it has more give. Treadmills have much more cushion, and dirt/sand/grass type areas are best for outside. Glad to know I'm not the only person to just find this out! :)

mike J said...

You were a hill climbing machine. I think you gave people "The Look" on your way up.

Dawn said...

It makes my knees hurt, too. Especially the bionic one. You sure do have a way of making me smile!!