Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh, Who are the People in Your Neighborhood

Do you love where you live? What do you like about it?
I love where I live. The trees, the rivers, the lakes, the friendly people, and plenty of unusual folks who think differently than I do.

Washington is just a great place to live.

Here are a few things that make life in the greater Seattle area interesting:

~Voted worst dressed in the nation. (all you have to do is spend one day in the city to believe that. For one thing, we wear thick socks and hiking boots year round ~sometimes the hiking boots are exchanged for sandals but the thick socks remain.)

~Drivers are so polite that you can end up waiting through 16 green lights while the car in front of you lets 25 cars out of the Burger King parking lot in front of him. Hey, maybe next time I'll just turn at the corner before BK and come out of the parking lot, I might bring that down to 12 green lights to get out of town.

~We can easily have 90 days without seeing the sun. They say it's there -unlike Alaska where the sun literally never comes up, but I'm not sure I believe them.

~Trees. Ahh the trees, big beautiful glorious trees.

~Rain. When Coolio was 3 he used to sing, "It's raining it's pouring...oh just ignore it." Which is what we do, because if we didn't we would never do anything.

~The smell of coffee. I have never even tasted the stuff but it is everywhere and the scent has really grown on me.

~Bicycling. The bike trails are awesome and it's very rare for a main road not to have a bike lane.

~Music. Jimi Hendrix, Heart, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden. Yup, they all started here. Okay, it doesn't mean I like them all, but they came from here.

~Fireworks. Legal. Just cross the freeway onto the Reservation and you can get any type of firepower you desire. It's a free for all and starting in June it sounds like a war zone around here.

~Teriyaki. There are at least as many Teriyaki restaurants as coffee houses in our fair city.

Tell me, tell me, tell me do.
Does your town make you happy too?


Linda said...

Except for the rain part, and the fireworks which make my dogs nervous wrecks, your area could give my area some lessons!

mike J said...

I like where we live too minus all of the rain. I could do without that.

Dawn said...

Well, I think for the month of June, Utah has your area beat in the rain department! Rain, rain go away, please don't come another day! I must say I'm really tired of it!! Dessert Utah? Unh uh!!

The Old Bag said...

Socks and sandals here in MN it a northern thing? a cool-temps thing? an I-don't-give-a-rip thing?

Cycling and outdoor activities (skiing, camping, running, you name it) are awesome here -- lots of participants.

Me and My Family said...

It's ok right now. But I am going to have to spend some more time here to really appreciate it. The Rain really gets to me! I need sun and really mean that I NEED it. So I guess since we're looking to buy a house I better get used to the idea huh :)

everydayMOM said...

The best part about where we live is actually our friends. We would prefer to live in another part of the country, but we love the people here.

We also have access to pretty much anything you could want in terms of shopping, the arts, restaurants and diversity of culture.

We have great park districts and forest preserves to get a break from city life. But since the terrain here is pretty flat and lacking in trees, it makes every vacation a huge treat! =]

Joy For Your Journey said...

Okay I have been thinking for a couple weeks now about writing about my neighborhood so maybe I will now finally get to it. Funny thing is I just realized Arizona is totally opposite from Seattle. We always see the sun, everything is brown and the drivers are rude, rude rude!

Housewife Savant said...

This is great. Some of your points would go on my "Why I Never Want to Live in Seattle" list (I put the RA in rain), but several would be included on "Reasons to Visit."

I've been seeing a recent blogger swap called Hometown [something], the idea being that each participant put together packages with items significant to their hometown.
Of course, cynicism abounds. And flows freely.
But in seriousity I wonder... What would I put together?

I like yor list.

[RA = rheumatoid arthritis, HATES rain]

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

It sounds wonderful and fascinating. The bike lanes everywhere and smell of coffee... I could live like that. :)

Some things I like about Ohio... two awesome roller coaster-packed amusement parks (one very close to us); all the seasons hang around a bit; it snows here every winter; best of all, my family and friends are here (most of them).