Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who is your watchdog?

I need some advice.

We would like to put some parental controls on our computer.

My sister recommended K9. I looked into it and it looks great. Very specific controls available where you don't just lock out anything with a certain word or picture but it is kept up to date with all kinds of things.

I was sold.

But guess what? They have not updated the program to work with 64 bit computers and the 32 bit won't work on a 64 bit computer.

Their working on it...

The one thing I want most right now is the capability to have the internet go off or inaccessible after a certain time of night.

We have tried parental controls before and were locked out of so many things that we may as well have turned off the internet all together.

So this is where I need you.

What do you use?

I'm awaiting your answer.

So, I'll just be sitting here watching for comments and advice from my virtual world of which you are a part. I'm so glad you are.

While you gather your thoughts here are some pictures of what I did this week. (it was a good one and I hope the weather will hold out this week while the rest of the kids finish school for the summer!)There he is. One in a million!
I had to use some bribery, (Cycle Guy let him use the Madone!)
And I got to have a ride with my boy while the others were still in school. On Friday Mike and I went 67 miles!!!
It was awesome! The weather was ideal.
There were a few dogs that we weren't sure would
stay on the other side of their invisible fence,
but they did and it was a blast!


Mike J said...

That ride on Friday was the BEST! That last photo was from my viewpoint. Ahhhh!

Linda said...

It's Madone minus 1 e plus 1 a. LOL

Anna Lisa said...

Jenny- I'll ask my "Computer Guy" when he gets home from meetings today. I know he's helped others lock down their internet connections (ie those with teenagers who would get up in the middle of night and log on to chat, etc)...

Anna Lisa said...

Jenny if you have a router its the easiest way. Vie Internet explorer go into your router, generally or once in there you can set the hours of the day when you want the internet to be active. So you can say after 10pm until 6am the internet is off. (and pick the days of the week). Then hit save settings and your done. No internet during that time period. Mike

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, my father didn't have any 'controls' on the computer so to speak. But he had some kind of system that logged every site that was accessed through our network. He would check it periodically, and if he saw something he didn't like, he would confront us (my brother actually) about it.

Easy way to limit the access time... at whatever time, go unplug it :p

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

He's so hansome! Congratulations on his graduation, you must be soooo proud.

Wish I could help with the other issue, but I know nothing about that. Suppose I'll have to learn in a decade or so, but for now we're using the "you can't spell" method of preventing inappropriate web-viewing by the 3yo.