Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break in Whoville

Yes, it is spring break for the Who-ites? Who-uns? Who-ligans? Who-ever they are, they are free of school for one week. And since next week begins a new quarter, they are also free of homework.

And so the adventures begin (okay so they began as soon as school got out on Friday, whatever)

Our home has been filled with flying ping pong balls, Rock Band, laughter, movies and all sorts of fun.

Beaner's friend even taught her how to make Chicken Alfredo yesterday. Enough leftovers for the rest of us to have for dinner. All I had to do was add garlic bread and bruschetta. Sooo good. (Want the recipe? I could blog about that:o)

Coolio aka Bondifaj (pronounced bon-dee-fojh) is spending the week in Chicago with friends. Having the time of his life. Check out this pizza!Fashionista has spent much of her week with her friend from down the street. They really wanted me to take them on a bike ride to the coolest school playground in town for a picnic, but good grief it hasn't stopped raining since February. We drove in the car, got some treats and it even stopped raining for about an hour while we played on the toys.The other night at about 11 as I was on my way to bed, three of my teenagers stopped me and asked if they could invite friends over to play Midnight Risk. What, you may ask is Midnight Risk? That would be playing the board game Risk starting at 12:00 midnight.

Oh the adventures of Spring Break.

We actually said yes and the texting began. By midnight, trips had been made to the store for goodies and kids surrounded the table for Risk. I could hear the babble of voices and laughing and rolling dice for the rest of the night. Poor Cycle Guy still had to get up VERY early the next morning to go to work. (Of course Risk was still going when he left.)

By the time I got up kids were sprawled around the room watching Office reruns trying not to fall asleep.

Gotta love those crazy kids. (And envy them a little that their bodies can do that! Remember when?)

Coolio is coming home tonight. I'm excited to see him. I'll bet he'll want to sleep for the next two days.

Ahhh, Back to school on Monday.


Mike J said...

I don't see how they can miss a whole day of sleep and not feel it at all. Wish I could do that.

Me and My Family said...

ooo the fun of Spring break. That is great. Your daughter and her friend from down the street look like they could be sisters. I remember doing midnight games with friends and having goodies too. Those will be cherished memories whether they stayed awake or not. That pizza is huge! Is that actually take out or did they make it?

Tanielle said...

Wow what a fun time!!!

You have a great blog! Soo fun to read! I need to make crepes now! Yum!

Have a great Friday night!

Xazmin said...

What an adventure! So are you close to Seattle? My baby brother and his wife are on their honeymoon in Seattle, so I was wondering if they'll be rained on the whole time!

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody should have worn a sweatshirt

Catherinette Singleton said...

You better not have eaten that pizza, fatty!

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