Thursday, September 10, 2009


Remember my totally cool duct tape wallet, cell phone cover and Ipod cover? I love them. Sometimes I just grab my wallet and phone instead of the whole purse because they're so cute.Well today I grabbed my wallet and phone and headed to the KFC drive through to get Me and Cycle Guy some Twisters. He's working from the home office today and I wanted to buy him lunch.

I drove through town enjoying the sunshine and singing along to the 80's. Rolled into the drive through and not only ordered but special ordered our lunches. You see they don't make the regular Twister anymore. They grill them. I like them the old way and the lady at the window was very nice. She said she could make them the regular way for me, No Problem. Nice lady.

Cheerfully I rolled up to the window and reached for my wallet.

Phone. Ipod. No wallet.

One dollar cash in my pocket.

67 cents in the center console.

I got out of the car remembering that once long long ago, (maybe even in pre Subaru days and we've owned the Soob for like 7 years) Yes, long ago we put some cash in the car first aid/emergency kit.

So I dug around in the kit. Looking in the bandaid box, the emergency blanket box, even in the ziploc of snacks. No money.

Next I tried to get the nice ladies attention to tell her to stop making food that she would be throwing away. To no avail. This is one competent woman. She brightly opened the window with a bulging bag of grub in her hand fully expecting me to hand her thirteen dollars and fifty eight cents.

I showed her my super cute Ipod case and told her that I had grabbed it thinking it was my super cute wallet and therefore I had no money.

She smiled. Said, "No problem" and closed the window.

Two Morals to this story:

1. When you make your super cute duct tape stuff, make them different colors and sizes or always keep them in your purse.

2. Keep some money in your emergency car kit. You never know when that emergency will occur.

I hope that nice lady likes ungrilled Twisters!


Jaci said... happens! I thought for sure she would just give you the Twisters though...I mean, your nice, she's nice, she had to have been impressed with your duct tapedness (reason enough right there), goodness, what is this world coming to? Love the first aid kit money idea though.

nikki_ty said...

Oops! Thanks for making me smile today!

So, did you go back?

everydayMOM said...

oh, man! I have soooo been there!

And what is with KFC!? They are starting to worry me. The decal on the door now says Kentucky Grilled Chicken. I go to KFC for one thing only: Extra Crispy! You can't even get crispy strips at ours now... you have to get original strips.

Me and My Family said...

Dang! I hate when that happens. The worst is when you go to the grocery store. Spend all that time getting everything you need and then realize when you go up to pay that you forgot your wallet at home by the computer. GRRR. I was about to cry and the kids were getting fussy. Luckily for me Megan Kint was there that day and just so happened to be right behind me in line. She spotted me the bill and I was able to pay her back. What a sweet heart!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I have done the grocery store thing, but I didn't have anyone there who could help me out. I just had to go home and get my wallet--bummer. But now I am curious. What did you end up eating for lunch?

Jenny-Jenny said...

Welllllll, I drove home and made roast beef sandwiches. Mike's even had baconaise on it. That's right, bacon flavored mayo. He LOVES it. I don't. All is well, it saved me 13.58 and I still got to have lunch with the man.

Jaci said...

BACONAISE!!!! Guess what, I went to highschool with the wife of the "creator" of baconaise. They are considering all sorts of new bacon flavored out! :)

Xazmin said...

That's too funny! My husband must have the most trustworthy face, because I bet he's ordered food at least half a dozen times and realized he didn't have his wallet (he's also very forgetful), and every time, he would come home with the food and say..."Do you know where my wallet is? I have to go back and pay for the food still."

Can you believe they gave it to him anyway? Every. single. time.