Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teenagers in the Spring

Do you ever wonder what it's like to have five teenagers all at the same time?

What happens after school in a house that full of teenage hormones?

Here's a good example of what I found when I wandered
around a very quiet house Monday afternoon:



Thing One

New Kid

Okay, so Cycle Guy's not technically a teenager, but he gets up really early in
the morning so he deserves an after school nap too!~
Cycle Guy

Fashionista isn't a teenager yet... She still has some energy.
Look at her go!
What does your house look and sound like at 4 in the afternoon?


Tanielle said...

How fun!!! I'm sending my kids to you when they become teenagers!:-) Thanks for being so supportive, even through my lack of visiting!!! You are awesome!!:-)

everydayMOM said...

Oh, that's funny. They say teenagers REALLY DO need 12 hours of sleep... they are sort of like toddlers all over again.

Is New Kid yours or does he just sleep on your couch?

Jenny-Jenny said...

everydayMOM~ It's true that they need as much or more sleep than a toddler, but at night they don't want to go there so they have to make up for it after school:o)

New Kid is living with us for the rest of his senior year in HS. His parents moved to AZ a few months ago and he wanted to finish school at "home".

MaryRC said...

why cant they do that when they're about 5 or 6, when you want them too. they sleep when you want them to work and stay up when you want them to sleep. great post, thanks for stopping by my blog i love making new blogger friends via sits..

Linda said...

At my house at 4 in the afternoon each dog claims and sleeps on a recliner. The sound of dog snoring fills the air while their paws twitch as they dream of chasing squirrels.

Hibler House said...

You mean I'm going to have to wait for Brighton to be a teenager before I can get her to sleep in the afternoon? I'm lucky if she takes a two hour nap! Thanks for sharing, very funny!

Stacey's Treasures said...

At 4 P.M. I'm down at the bus stop waiting for the bus to bring my daughter. Usualy I have a chance to get in a little reading until the bus arives.

Joy For Your Journey said...

That is so funny. I have three kids home at the moment and all are asleep. In their defense though, they are up late and get up early and it is HOT outside!! I think I will got take a nap myself. :-)

Denise said...

that is so true,they r always asleep and if they aren't they want to be!

Xazmin said...

My house looks like a toranado just went through around that time!

nikki_ty said...

that is hilarious. wouldn't it be nice to have the house that quiet for a few hours in the afternoon? :) I'll try to enjoy the noisyness (??) while I can!

Momma Chae said...

I guess there is something to look forward to when they become teenagers... :)

Dawn said...

Ah!! Sweet mystery of life! Cute pics!