Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Cycling Love

Last Friday one of my dreams came true...So much better than Singin' in the Rain...
Riding through the Tulips!I fell in love with something else while we were out.
Edison, Washington.This little town spoke to my heart. It took me back in time and I wanted to be Lisa Douglas Moving from the city with my husband Oliver to make our home in
Green Acres. The pictures were taken as I rode through town.
The guys... they just didn't want to stop every time I wanted to take a picture
so I'm getting pretty good at the guess aim and shoot.Can it get any better than this? Use your imagination the Breadfarm. Look at this house...Really, you need to see the sign in front of the house. I'm not a drinker but don't you think it might be a little precarious to have the
State Liquor store in your house?
I was slow girl on this trip because I had to take pictures.
Training Ride? Yes.
Touring Ride? Absolutely.
Take it all in, or better yet, come see it with me. Just be sure to bring your bike.
I'll buy the ice cream.
Can I get a "Yum"?
Guess how far we rode?
It was far enough to truly deserve these huge ice cream cones!
Nope. You'll have to wait til tomorrow, but I'd like to hear some guesses.


Mike J said...

Those ice cream cones were the best.

Linda said...

Great new intro pic! You'll get used to the shoot-while-you-ride method. Just make sure to keep the camera strap around your wrist when you hit those unexpected bumps. I love those little towns like Edison. Where was Mr. Kimball?

As for mileage, I'll guess 35?

Linda said...

I'll change my "guess" of mileage to 70? :)

Dawn said...

These deserve a WOW! WOW! I can't wait to make a scrapbook page of these beauties! I'm so jealous! But. . . I won't ride a bike!! Can I have ice cream anyway!! Luv Ya!!

Kristin said...

AMAZING shots! The tulips are incredible! Found you on SITS and I'm loving reading your blogF! : ) K

Daniel said...

60 miles?

Hibler House said...

I love the pictures! Tulips are my FAVORITE! I can't believe you got all those while riding a bike- I'm scared to take a hand off the bars... Guess I'm not really a cyclist... I'll have to get the hubby to take me there and get me some ice cream- sans bike ride. Who wants to bike 70 miles anyways? (that's my guess)

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, those are BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I wanna go riding too! I can't wait to hear how many miles.

Tanielle said...

Oh wow!!! What a beautiful town! I need to live someplace like that!! Looks gorgeous! I still can't get over the tulip fields!