Saturday, August 1, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Today I'm participating in a 'meme' called 6WS: Six Word Saturday.

My six words for today:

"Road Trip: I love our family!"

Vacation time with my family is the best thing about summer.

~Hours in the car
~Fast food on the road
~Singing the Idaho state song as we cross the border
~Convincing the kids that it's the Jen State, not the Gem State because I was born there
~Arguing for who gets to sit where (or at least I've heard some families argue about that=] )
~Finally arriving at Grandma's house for hugs, popcicles and fruit snacks
~Fresh peas from Grandpa's garden
~Seeing cousins after a year away. (Thank goodness for Facebook, the kids communicate with each other more than ever before.)
~Playing cards at the Cabin
~Sleeping? at the cabin with all the cousins.
~24 cousins, 4 cousin-inlaws, 2 great grand cousins

Oh yeah, I'm ready for a 1000 mile Road Trip! I love our family!


Mike J said...

What are you talking about Idaho is called the Jen state. In fact your picture is on the welcome to Idaho sign (as far as the kids know)

Call Me Cate said...

Road trips with your family sound like fun! That's a lot of cousins... I grew up with only three!

Thanks for playing.

Becca said...

I took a rode trip to Idaho in June.....I actually really love Idaho :)

Me and My Family said...

Hey I was born ing the "Jen State" too! I love that place! I love those summer time memories of my family going on road trips! Have fun!

AudreyO said...

I've done several road trips over the years. I love them. We get to see so many things. Enjoy your time.

Rebecca Jo said...

Visiting from 6WS...

Hope you have a great time...

I get soooo car sick that road trips - & the thought of them - make me green!!! :)

Rhonda said...

I love it. We do a lot of road trips too. I need your email. ASAP... pretty please.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Your post made me want to be in your family!! Your trip sounds like so much fun. And by the way, it is really hard when your kids leave home, even when you know they are exactly where you want them to be--like on a mission. But on the other hand, it is so much fun to watch them grow. That will bring you a lot of joy.

Bridgette said...

Sounds like fun! :)