Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the Cabin

There's a little town
at the base of a hill
It's known as Clifton
We go there with Jill

It's history is short
less than 200 years
But when this family gathers
We give it three cheers

It holds many memories
Grandma, Grandpa and Dad
It's where he grew up
What adventures he had

From hail storms on horses
Skinny Dipping in hats
Buying new sneakers
And old barn cats

We also remember
those who came long before
Grandpa shooting the Indian
and so many more.

We like to hear Grandpa
recite stories long past
Like the Wee Small Red Hen
And Annie's long fast

So once every year
We gather together
To spend time with family
Taking time to remember


everydayMOM said...

Awww... So fun!

Anonymous said...

Good was wonderful! The post before, that is so funny that you were the only one not to get sunburnt!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I have always wanted a cabin my family could go to in the summer, but I don't think it will ever happen since my husband doesn't see any need for it. So . . . instead I just rejoice in others good fortune. :-) Great poem.

The Traveling Gublers said...

Jenny. That was a wonderful poem. You never seize to amaze me :)
I'd like to have a cabin one day too so that I can have fun family gatherings :)

Tanielle said...

Wonderful!!! Have a great weekend!! Love your background and pic at the top!!!

Xazmin said...

I LOVE the poem! Love it!

Suzi said...

That's awesome! Love the poem and the family time.

Dawn said...

Love the poem. You're great! Oops! You need to change one letter -- to 'Grandma' telling the stories!