Thursday, July 9, 2009

Countdown to Portland

6/30/09 Ten Days. The countdown has begun. Can you hear the voice booming through the loudspeakers? 10. Ten. That's all there is left until... we hit the road on two wheels for two hundred miles in two days.

We had a great training ride tonight. CG and I split up. He wanted to try the faster group and I'm very content in the slower one.

We rode 15 miles on the route I was on. The weather was beautiful which meant the farms were ripe. I suppose after you live around that for a while the smell becomes 2nd nature or maybe you just don't notice it anymore but when you come around a bend upon a herd of cattle munching on dinner notice it. But even with the smells, I love riding in farm land. It's fun to watch the corn especially. Corn grows so fast that each time you ride you witness growth. Very Cool.

9 days later...

Tomorrow is the big day. Cycle Guy picked up the packets at REI, and sold the bus passes since we have one of T1's friends driving our car and meeting us 1/2 way on Friday night and then in Portland on Saturday.

We have lists of things to pack in the car, lists of things to pack on the bike, and even lists of things to pack in our shirt pockets. We have lists of things to get done today and schedules for the kids while we are gone. We have laundry folded, some put away, some set out to be packed and some in the washer.

We're planning on a very early departure. The clouds have mostly dissipated and the sun is supposed to be around for the next few days. It's good to have the sun.

We have a hotel reserved at the halfway point (102 miles) and a friend from college is going to meet us in Portland. I'm so excited to see her. We met her husband about 10 years ago and since then she has two little daughters. I can't wait to see her again. This roommate, we'll call her Dahlia, was such a great friend to both me and CG. He is just as excited to see her as I am.

I'm starting to stress a bit... better go get started on these lists.

Wish us luck and think about us every now and then over the next two days. I promise to post on Sunday and let you know how it went.



Me and My Family said...

Goodluck and be careful.

Hibler House said...

Wow, I can't believe it's already here! You are my idol- 200 miles, I think you're insane. Then again, I'm not big into cycling. Good luck and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Tanja said...

Good luck Jenny! Don't stress too much, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

wow, 200 miles seems pretty dang overwhelming. but i know that you and cg have been training for quite some time. you'll to great!

Linda said...

I'm so excited for you! Best wishes for an awesome ride and great memories!

nikki_ty said...

good luck! I'll be thinking about you -- glad it's you and not me. My behind would be feeling it for days. But I'm sure you are used to it, right? Have fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes. If your kids need anything, they can give me a call!

The Old Bag said...

Have a ball! I may have already written this at some point, but you and Mike have GOT to be the cool parents -- who else has folks that ride 200 miles in a weekend?

Tanielle said...

That is soo awesome!! Have fun, and be safe!:-)