Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nachos and Fat Tuesday

Cycle Guy and I have a weekly contest. The Biggest Loser. It’s all about weight loss. I won the first couple, but, alas, my dedicated husband seems to be a better loser than me. I WILL win this week because the loser has to mop the kitchen on Saturday. I don’t want to mop the kitchen on Saturday. He will be mopping the kitchen on Saturday and I will smile sweetly and compliment his good work.

Today I went to my friend Jen’s house. (I know nice name huh?) We made a very cool project that is now hanging on the wall next to me. A charming display of my dazzling children.

While the mod podge dried, ~Oh Mod Podge, remember in the 70’s when moms would get greeting cards, cut them out and mod podge them to a small plaque to hang on the wall. Sometimes they would even buy a few of the same card and cut out parts to layer for a 3D effect! Those were the days~

While it was drying we went out to lunch. I know, but you still have to eat even when you want to be a loser. Being the loser that I am, I ordered soup and salad. So did Jen…and nachos…to share. Have you ever seen the nachos at Applebee’s? They’re huge, they could feed a small village in Cambodia, they are delicious, and yes I was a good friend and helped Jen stay thin by eating 1/2 of them.

Question: Is it possible to enjoy “Fat Tuesday” and still have a losing weigh in on Friday?

I’ll let you know, but here’s the plan: Ride the trainer 1 hour Tuesday, lift weights Wednesday, drink gallons of water on Thursday. Also on Thursday ~bake something wonderful for Cycle Guy~ this may be the most important part of the plan and must take place. Please leave all wonderful dessert recipes in your comments, I may try them all.


Mike J said...

I'll take the worlds best cake on Thursday please. It should keep until Friday morning after I weigh in. You can share a piece with me while you're sobbing about mopping the floor on Saturday. By the way, I'll post a picture of Jenny doing the mopping on my blog next Monday. Be on the lookout for it.

Jenny said...

you keep dreamin...I don't believe

JoLyn said...

Jenny, you are a great writer and very funny! I'm so glad you're blogging!

JoLyn said...

And I love your new wall decor!

Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

I am glad you started a blog. I will add yours to my list. Good luck with your biggest looser bet. I hope you don't mop the kitchen on Saturday.

nikki_ty said...

I love it Jenny! The picture at the top is gorgeous.

I love those mod-podged barn stars. It looks like it fits perfectly in your home! Good luck with your weigh-in ... I hope you don't have to mop the kitchen!

The Traveling Gublers said...

Jenny, that's a cute picture of the tulips. And the mod podge looks great!